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Music Venue Definition

Defining a cultural asset requires a general "common sense" reading that can be flexible over time. Verifiable elements must show that music is the primary driver of business, and/or the business is a music destination. This can be shown by the existence of a combination of factors that show a relationship with the musicians that does not exist in businesses that provide music as atmosphere.

1) This begins with a process by which the venue clearly articulates to the artist the ability of an artist to receive payment for work by percentage of sales (bar and/or door cover) i.e. sales performance payment, guarantee (in writing) i.e. standard contract, or another mutually beneficial formal agreement, and

2) A factor test.

A retail business that is a destination for live music consumers and its music programming is the primary driver of its business, as indicated by the presence of at least five (5) of the following: (1) defined performance and audience space, (2) mixing desk, PA system, and lighting rig, (3) back line, (4) at least two of: sound engineer, booker, promoter, stage manager, security personnel, (5) applies cover charge to some music performance through ticketing or front door entrance fee, (6) marketing of specific acts through gig listings in printed and/or electronic publications, (7) hours of operation coincide with performance times, (8) produces music performances at least five (5) days a week.

Music Commissioners Contact

  • Mayor Steve Adler: Vice Chair, Graham Reynolds,
  • Mayor Pro-Tem Delia Garza, D2: Chair, Rick Carney,
  • Natasha Harper-Madison, D1: Jonathan Chaka Mahone,
  • Sabino "Pio" Renteria, D3: Al Duarte,
  • Gregorio "Greg" Casar, D4: Gavin Garcia,
  • Ann Kitchen, D5: Stuart Sullivan,
  • Jimmy Flannigan, D6: Paul Pinon,
  • Leslie Pool, D7: Anne-Charlotte Patterson,
  • Paige Ellis, D8: Douglas Leveton,
  • Kathy Tovo, D9: Patrice Pike,
  • Alison Alter, D10: Oren Rosenthal,

Current Policy Initiatives

  • 1. Establish land use for music venue, distinct from bar/nightclub, in Austin's code.
  • 2. Dedicated funding stream for music, specifically from hotel tax revenue. MVA would like a portion of that stream to become a guarantee rebate program in which promotors and venues could be rebated for payments made to local musicians.
  • 3. Agent of Change
  • 4. Public/Private purchase programs, in order to manage property costs.
  • 5. State-wide alcohol tax reduction/rebate for music venues.