In addition to policy work, MVAA provides help for individual venues experiencing challenges with sound complaints or inconsistent regulation. If your venue has received a citation, sound complaints, notice of incompliance, removal of necessary resources, or any other complication, please contact us and we will help you navigate the process of finding the best solution as quickly as possible.

Please note, MVAA is limited to assisting in disputes relating to government and community, rather than internal business matters. MVAA will not be your legal council. However, in the event you require legal representation, MVAA can make referrals.

Current Events

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March 2, 2020 Music Commission Meeting

Monday March 2, 2020 the Music Commission will convene in the Boards and Commissions Room of City Hall, at 6:30 p.m. Open to the public and free parking with validation.

The Music Commission is comprised of community volunteers appointed by the Council-member of they district he/she represents. Commissioners take input from the community and make recommendations to City Council. If you would like to participate, you may come early and sign up for citizen's communication. You will have three minutes to address the Commission, however they will not be able to ask you questions. If you would like to converse with the Commission, you may contact Rick Carney, the Music Commission Chair, who can help get your item on the agenda. See Commissioners by district and contact information on our Resources page.